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MarTechGuru is a management platform for your marketing technology. No more spreadsheets.

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Cloud-based solution to help you manage your technology stack as a team.

How often does someone ask you...

What is the login for Mailchimp?

How much do we spend for this solution?

Did we integrate Segment yet?

Who owns the Twitter account?

When is the Drift renewal?

Where is the documentation for this tool?

Which web server host the website?

We built a solution.

Your tech stack under one roof

All of your applications/software, billing details, contracts, agreements, renewal dates, owners, notes stored in a centralized location. Transparency, no shadow.


Easily visualize the stack

Leverage blueprint-driven thinking to enable stakeholders to understand and advance your martech ecosystem. Plan replacement of existing technologies, or new purchases, proactively and efficiently.


Ready for remote teams

Anyone in your team can access the inventory of technologies they need to get their job done efficiently. It's up to date and accessible from anywhere, at anytime.

A powerful tech stack manager

Keep track of costs and renewals, set payment alerts (Slack and email), upload contracts and agreements, save vendor contact, business owners, login information, number of licenses in use, FAQs, etc.