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It takes a minute to build your first stack to inventory all your current tools, technologies and processes. Upgrade to create as many stacks as you need to stay organized.

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Search and add any of the tools, SaaS apps and Enterprise software in your tech, including homegrown/custom solutions your company owns.

Capture key information

Keep track of costs and renewals, set payment reminder alerts, upload contracts and agreements. With unlimited custom fields, save vendor contact information, business owners, login information, number of licenses, FAQs, etc.

Collaborate with your team

Get everyone on the same page from team members to leadership. Keep track of who has access to what, assign business and technical owners for each tool.

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Create a blueprint of your tech stack

Blueprints document and visualize the current technology architecture, how systems, tools and data connect (or not) with each other, processes they support, and how they add value to the business. Here are some examples:

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