Marketing Technology Management

Finally, A Way To Manage Your Martech Stack.

As a marketing technology stack grows, it becomes really hard to document so we created a tool to fix that.

Marketing Ops teams built tech stacks with us.

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Marketing technology management re-invented

Centralize your tech stack

Keep an accurate and up-to-date inventory of the technologies, costs, and owners of your marketing stack. Web-hosted, it is accessible remotely and shareable with your team.

Blueprint of your Martech

Easily draw and maintain a blueprint of your martech, the source of truth for your technology stack. Visualize integrations, data flows, processes and how tools connect to one another.

Billings & renewals

Keep track of your technology investments. Contracts and subscriptions: from creation through execution, termination or renewal of the contract, get your team on the same page.

Automatic renewal reminders

Automatic notifications of renewals ensure you will never pay for technology you no longer need.

Budget analysis & forecasting

A powerful suite of budgeting tools to analyze and forecast your operating budget, track spending by function, stack or department.

Document your martech stack

Compile your own searchable database of processes, workflows and how-tos. Document how systems connect, processes they support, and how they add value to your business.

File management

Compile your own searchable database of processes, workflows and how-tos. Document how systems connect, processes they support, and how they add value to your business.

Team collaboration

Invite your teammates, stakeholders, clients and other collaborators to your manage or simply browse the marketing technology stack. With roles and permissions, you choose who can see what.

Managing and Documenting marketing technology is HARD.

We understand the challenges you, and thousands of marketing operations teams around the world, face every day. We built a technology stack management platform for helps teams manage their technology stack more easily.

Why do you need a marketing technology stack management platform?

  • Build a single source of truth for all the marketing systems and tools.
  • Know who owns systems and who pays for what and when.
  • Document processes, workflows, user guides and how tos easily.
  • Know how systems integrate or how data flows between them.
  • Keep track of upcoming renewals and expiring contracts.
  • Stop paying for technologies you don't need or don't use anymore.
  • Log conversations, emails, demos and meeting notes you have with vendors.
  • Build a directory of your vendors' contact information.
  • Audit our technology stack annually with your team.
  • Streamline onboarding and educating new hires with your martech stack.
  • Easily share the current state of your marketing technology stack with management and stakeholders.

Trusted by marketing operations experts.

Are you a digital marketing agency?

Our platform helps you manage all of your clients' technology stacks in one place which you can give your clients access to.

No more spreadsheets, Word documents, Google sheets, Google docs, etc.

Get rid of those spreadsheets!

Build your stack and document it with your team, or schedule a demo with our team. We will help you take control of your martech stack in no time.


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