Back in late 2017...

Our founder became responsible for building, maintaining and optimizing an inventory of marketing technology which included SaaS applications, homegrown web tools, and enterprise level solutions.

Spreadsheets did not work: error-prone, not secured, no revision or tracking, time consuming and not scalable.

And Airtable was too expensive to get an entire team in the application to manage the tools collaboratively.

Since he could not find any marketing technology management solution to fit his needs, he decided "scratch is own itch" and started building an web application that would fit his needs.

After two years of development, he decided to open it for others to use. By early 2020, the Marketing Technology Manager was launched publicly.

What is it?

The Marketing Technology Manager is a suite of customized solutions for marketing professionals who want to build, manage and optimize their marketing technology ecosystem.

Want a demo? Let's connect, we'll show you how the Marketing Technology Manager can help you and your organization get control of your technology.

How about MartechGuru?

MartechGuru is Visualize, manage, and optimize your marketing technology. No more spreadsheets.. It's free to join and to browse.