Our Story

A problem

MartechGuru was built out of a challenge the founder encountered in 2016: to manage a large inventory of marketing technologies.

Homegrown tools, SaaS subscriptions, enterprise solutions, he and his team had access to over 100+ technologies. There wasn't an inventory recorded anywhere, not only in a spreadsheet. The team members had to consistently ask each other the same questions - over and over again:

  • What's the login information?
  • Who is the business owner?
  • How much does it cost?
  • When is the contract renewal?
  • Where is signed agreement/contract?
  • What do we use for email marketing?
  • Where is the documentation?
  • How many seats are left?
  • And so on...

Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel would not scale over time nor meet his business requirements so he decided to build a concept: a web-cloud based application where teams could easily manage their marketing technologies.

MVP launch

With over 20 years of experience building MVPs, community-based websites and 2 startups, Damien decided to "scratch is own itch" once more.

All through 2017 he spent early mornings, late nights and entire weekend programming marathons to architect and engineer a cloud based platform that allowed registered users to create stacks, add applications, custom fields, costs and automatic renewal alerts.

It took about 12 weeks of development to get his Minimum Viable Product ready and on the eve of February 3rd 2018 the platform was launched:

After sharing the MVP with a private group of friends and marketing professional peers, he received an overwhelming demand and decided to give them access to test it out themselves. Through 2018, additional core features were added: security, encoding of data, advanced user management, roles and permissions and stack reporting capabilities. The feedback, suggestions and ideas would feed the technology stack management tool'roadmap for months to come.


After attending the Martech East (Boston) conference 2 years in a row, Damien had the opportunity to connect with dozens of marketing professionals from who he got the confirmation that one of the most recurring challenges was to manage marketing technology stacks.

The userbase kept growing steadily and so did the feedback, ideas and suggestions. Throughout 2018 and 2019, the platform grew stronger with additional capabilities:

  • Technology blueprint builder
  • Integrations mapping
  • Cost tracking and budget forecasting
  • Stack and vendor analytics
  • Custom renewal alerts
  • Unlimited custom fields
  • Powerful team and user management
  • New technology discovery
  • And many more!

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