MarTech Stack Management Made Easy

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Your MarTech Stack Under One Roof

All of your marketing solutions, tools and software, subscriptions, contracts, agreements, renewal dates, notes, documents, owners, etc. stored in a centralized secured cloud-based environment powered by Heroku and AWS.

  • Search across an inventory of over 1,000s tools
  • Add custom/homegrown tools
  • Quickly search and find tools
  • Keep track of statuses: in use, canceled or in testing stage
  • Organize your technologies by category and by team
  • Keep it private for you and your team only, or share it with others.

Stay organized and help your team find the tools they need to get the job done.

Visualize Your Stack

With the blueprint mapping tool, quickly build a blueprint of integrations between your applications. Easily shareable with others. Plan replacement of existing technologies, or new purchases, proactively and efficiently without breaking any existing data flow.

  • Build a customizable blueprint of your technologies
  • Visualize all solutions, tools and systems
  • Identify processes, integrations and data flows
  • Consolidate overlapping technologies
  • See how new technologies fit into the current ecosystem

Get everyone on the same page.

Capture Important Data

The TechStack Manager acts as a CRM for your technologies: create unlimited custom fields to capture important information for each of the solutions in your inventory:

  • Start and end of subscription/contract
  • Business, technical owners
  • Teams, departments, divisions
  • Who has access to solutions
  • Vendor name, contact information
  • Number of licenses / seats
  • Renewal dates
  • Login information
  • Etc.

Manage Contracts & Subscriptions

Evaluate your technology investments periodically to ensure they meet your ROI and business goals. By monitoring upcoming subscriptions and contract renewals, you can make business decisions more proactively:

  • Subscriptions, contracts, free trials, free tools
  • Costs of each system
  • Billing cycles/frequency (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual)
  • Payment methods (credit card, procurement)
  • Next payment dates
  • Renewal dates

Payment Alerts

Don't get caught off-guard by contract renewals. Cancel subscriptions that no one uses. Keep control of your expenditure.

  • Set up unlimited automatic alerts for each tool
  • Notifications can be sent via email or Slack to anyone in your team (SMS soon)
  • Set up different dates and times (based on the organization's timezone)
  • Customize the messaging for each alert
  • Any user can receive notifications:
    • Business owners
    • Technical owners
    • Team leaders
    • Procurement team
    • Etc.

Document Management

Keep track of agreements, contracts, contract renewals, documentation, etc. for each of the solutions in your technology stack.

  • Upload unlimited documents
  • Easily search and filter to find documents
  • Categorize your documents per tool, billing cycle, owner
  • Download or view documents in your browser
  • Securely hosted on Amazon AWS S3 servers. Encrypted and only-accessible by your team.

Budget Forecasting

Stay in control of your budget and budget planning. With the budget forecasting tool, you can easily identify upcoming subscription and contract renewals.

  • Proactively review each system with your users
  • Review system alignment with business goals and ROI
  • Initiate internal conversations about system replacement ahead of time
  • Start renegotiating contracts proactively
  • Visualize future expenditure and keep your budget on track

Collaborate with Others

  • Add unlimited users
  • Keep track of who has access to what
  • Identify the business/technical owners
  • Control which information each of your users see
  • Share administration rights with others
User management interface

And More...

Journal and Notes

Keep a log of notes for each solution, conversations with vendors, negotiations, bugs and issues.

Knowledge Base

Add how-tos and FAQs accessible by users of your stack.

Take control of your technology stack.

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