What is G2 Crowd?

G2 Crowd is US-based (Internet Software & Services) founded in 2012 and has 690 employees with an estimated annual revenue of $100M-$250M. G2 Crowd is located in Highland Park, Illinois United States.

What does G2 Crowd do?

Compare the best business software and services based on user ratings and social data. Reviews for CRM, ERP, CAD, PDM, HR, and Marketing software.

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What does G2 Crowd integrate with?

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How popular is G2 Crowd?

14 professionals have G2 Crowd in their stack

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1% of organizations use G2 Crowd.*

As of May 08th, 2021

G2 Crowd ranks in the top 54% of the Vendor Analysis technologies.*

* Data provided by MartechGuru.

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